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Two Horns - Living In The Town With Ogres

  • The story is set in local city

    There has been a legend that ogres live in this town since ancient times. You met a girl with two horns on her head there. She hands a mysterious "Club" and asks her to use it to catch her sister.

  • The biggest feature is
    “Anyting Goes”!

    Prepare main scenarios and many different subquests. You can attack not only main characters but also NPCs walking in town. Run around naked, sneak into a women's bath and toilet, dress up the trapped girl. Discover the play style on your own.

  • Release on
    Multiple Platforms

    This game supports for Windows, Mac, Smartphone(Android). The release time has not yet been decided, so please be patient.

About Us

About Pink Cafe Art

Hi! I'm IBOIBO from Japan. I create NSFW action game as PinkCafeArt. I'm creating adult games by only myself and studying English now.

Now, I create my game as just hobby, but I want to spend more time for create it.



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