Two Horns

Two Horns - Living in the Town with Ogres

The story takes place in Oniga Town, a town rich in nature.

From ancient times, there was a legend that said that there were ogres in this town. You move to this town in the countryside, not knowing the legend, and carry on rather mundane life.

One night, after your midnight shift at the local convenience store finished, you met a girl with two horns on her head. The peculiar girl hands you a club and asks you to catch her sisters, the Oni Girls, with it.


  • Anything can happen in this RPG with Ultra Freedom!

    The most prominent main feature of this game is Ultra freedom! When you get bored playing on regular mode, you can ambush any characters, including the main characters and all the NPC characters walking in the town.

    You can become friendly with the girls and have lovey-dovey sex. You can run around the town fully naked and blow away your stress. You can freely do anything that you want.

  • The NPC girls are all Auto-generated!

    The game features reedom Sex Engine, developed over three years by a single developer!! The NPC girls are automatically generated by combining various names, faces, skin tones, clothes, hairstyles, personalities, and many other components.

    The game seamlessly transitions from action parts to sex scenes, and all scenes are Fully animated. The appearances of the girls are certainly reflected in those scenes.

  • A variety of situations are available for playing!

    You can help a bullied girl or perhaps break the bathroom door while there's a girl inside. You can sneak into a girl's room from the window and even do something to ghosts...!?

    If you find a girl you like, you can trap her in prison to do whatever you want with her. The game also has a Dress Up function, where you can dress up girls with clothes you've stolen in the action parts of the game.