The game system of “Two Horns”

Introducing the basic game system of “Two Horns – Living In The Town With Ogres” under development. If you are concerned about the progress of the development, please follow my Twitter account!

Game System

The basic game system of this work is a side scroll action RPG. Doing the request of Oni-girl, doing side quests scattered around the town, getting along with girls, sometimes attacking.

Anything goes” Action RPG!

I am planning to create a game with a lot of flexibility. The feature of this work is that you can play various styles according to your mood.

There are many girls in town. Everyone except unique characters is automatically generated, so you can meet new girls every time you walk around town.

Flexibility SEX Engine

Use the mysterious “Club” at the beginning of the story to undress girls. You can collect the clothes you got and enjoy dressing up.

The most pressing feature is the proprietary Flexibility SEX Engine. Anytime, anywhere, every girls can be attacked!

You can also lock yourself in a dungeon or change your favorite girl’s clothes. It will be a game that can be enjoyed just by walking around town.

Of course, if you do something wrong, you will be chased by the police, and if you trap a girl involved in the quest, the quest will not progress.

You can get along with a girl and have a love sex, or run around naked to release your everyday stress, everything is up to you.

When will it release?

I strive every day with the goal of releasing in 2020. It will take a lot of time for me to develop myself, but I’m planning to make a trial version so stay tuned! Please see Twitter for the latest information! @pink_cafe_art